Let the first article be the story of establishing Kvadron. Because how can you know that we are a professional mobile app UX design company when you don’t know the roots?

Why are we here?

The idea started from the branding agency Koloro. We’ve already brought it to the high level of productivity and received many requests to develop an app. We thought we can do it and decided to offer more for clients. Obviously we started development of the studio of mobile development from brand identity.

Brand identity for the app creation company

A deep market research helped us to orient in this industry. Marketer discovered popular trends among app design studios, analyzed market situation and priority development destinations. By the time we knew a lot about our future competitors and thought of the idea that could advantageously highlight us.

Developing the positioning

Mobile software development is strongly connected with progressive lifestyle and future. Thinking about future, people often talk about space traveling, science discoveries, Mars colonization, progressive companies like SpaceX and progressive people like Elon Musk. Unlike in 60s current people do not romanticise space and see it as truly achievable goal in few decades. We want to be among such companies that’s why Mars is waiting and we are coming…
We believe that in the near future we will work together in collaboration with big space industry companies on launching rockets to the Mars. That is our BIG dream and due to this the positioning was developed on the space science background adding innovative and creative sense.

More inspiration from…

The greatest inspiration we got from the video Up&Up by Coldplay. Space collages were the thing we wanted to represent in the atmosphere of the site. Such approach has to show how our domestic life is strongly connected with the space investigation. Such images slightly make space closer to ordinary life.

Naming for the mobile app development agency

Our team has generated around 500 names that could fit such positioning. And then we finally found K V A D R O N. Here lies the following association chain that is absolutely stunning:

electron – kvadron – atom’s orbit – planet orbit -rotation around the Sun – galaxy – space

Everything is connected. KVADRON allows us to follow from elementary to the Universe. This powerful background maintains the idea of the innovative space company that develops cutting-edge apps.


Currently our main colors are black and turquoise. However we look forward to change them on more fitting and dreamful. Just check out these pics by tj-rabbit. We are so inspired watching them. Sorry for copyrights, we do not need these images for commercial use.

Afterwards we’ve found this scenery. If you live near the Cannon Beach, Oregon, send us more photos of this place during sunrise and sunset. It is so inspiring.

Brand mission for IT company

We decided to keep it simple and develop apps to the infinity and beyond. We want to ensure our clients with an outstanding experience of working with the UX design studio. We wait for challenges and accept them. The crew is always with the captain and it means strong connection between all members of the team. We are working beyond the opportunities and limits. We create and design new ideas every second of workflow. It is the only way to get a unique product that can change the world around and make Mars closer.


We love particles. Space is nothing else than particlesstars that shine so bright

Kvadron’s motto

is a phrase that summarizes the general motivation of the company

As you’ve notices on the main page, our motto is “Open-minded UI/UX studio implementing cutting-edge solutions for your business”. It is based on three ideas.

Open-minded UI/UX studio

We are proud of our team members. KVADRON is a family of managers and marketing experts. Each member is absolutely open-minded and ready to research for the most fitting solutions for any crazy idea.

Cutting-edge solutions

We study and improve knowledge. Being thirsty for truth we never stop learning. This helps us to explore new technologies, languages, ideas fearlessly.

YOUR business

We are client-oriented company and try to offer things that our clients need. More about our advantages for you read below..

Creating beneficial mobile development services for clients

We reflected the major clients’ needs in our core advantages. So the following four ideas were born.

★ No coders to make a mobile app ★

We decided not to hire personal coders and give this part of work to freelancers. Primary, it allows us to propose wider range of services and you’ll get both iOS and web app, Secondly, we can ensure you with a higher quality of code because we find and work only with trusted developers. Besides, all risks are up to us and you won’t postpone your project because of irresponsible freelancer.

★ 7 years experience in branding ★

We’ve started as a branding agency and gained valuable experience on this field. One thing we know for sure. Powerful brand can change ideas and people’s minds. We put it on the first stage of development and develop apps that matters.

★ Professional mobile application development on marketing background ★

Launch of product always starts from deep market and users’ research. This helps us to find niche for the app and bring it to the top. We notice new trends and every change on the market can be decisive. We cannot let you down developing old-fashioned app.

★ Create mobile applications that achieve commercial goals ★

Despite that we are found of breathtaking designs, we concentrate every app development on the mindful user experience design. We believe there is no sense to create beautiful but useless app.

The team for app creation company KVADRON

After five iterations and reorganizations we’ve developed perfect formula of the team. Such structure allows us satisfy clients with fast and comfortable services of app development.

sales manager Michael

project manager Andrew

digital marketer Inna

digital marketer Ksenia

copywriter Kate

UX-designer Yan

UI-designer Kyrill

copywriter Margo

front-end developer

back-end developer



Where are we from?

Currently our office is situated in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our street is wide, clean and in the center. We love our ancient building and try to do the surroundings better place to be.