Artificial Intelligence in game development rocks, because it makes the game playable and creates new experiences for the players. Modern games especially video games are programming AI and try to make it act more like a human. Recent investigations allowed AI win in go and it means a new step towards better player experience.

AI programming for games

increase game fun

the main thing about any game is FUN (not funny, but not boring)

make game more dynamic

AI can adapt to a player’s behavior and make a game more challenging

replay ability

game will continuously change and player will want to experience varied events

new experience for different users

users will have far impressions and feelings

add bots to the gameplay

curious players like to interact with many characters they can find on the map

stimulate player satisfaction

artificial intelligence neural networks are less predictable

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Obsessed with details

Our developers take into account each feature we have to implement. We pay attention to the details with eager to produce the most fitting solution for your business.

Turnkey game development

KVADRON offers turnkey game dev and we will engineer and design game in accordance with modern trends in game design.

Artificial Intelligence Specialists

If you are searching for solutions in games and artificial intelligence you are in the right place.Each project is directed by AI specialist in coordination with Game Designer which allows to produce stunning player experience.

Which games fit for the implementation of artificial intelligence?

Any game has an AI to play with, but it works pretty simple: player does A and computer does B (or C if depends on the A). But what exactly B or C is always determined by the creators. It is just a tree of player’s choices and for each AI has an answer. It is good for many games, but some specific types of games nowadays require AI neural networks to make it worth. Games with learning AI are the future of the industry and do not postpone your progress. Here are some of such games it will fit perfectly:

Real-time strategy game & AI

AI for first person shooters

Action RPG with AI

Artificial Intelligence in game design: architecture stage

AI for the game is always a complicated net of algorithms and techniques so it is impossible to decide to include AI after doing some part of the game. That is why our Game Designer and AI specialist work together from the beginning and discuss what functions will AI be responsible for.
AI is not just bots that simulates human behavior and plays against/with user. AI also includes techniques from control theory, robotics, graphics etc. It can control difficulty level, cause game events, manipulate with skills and resources, generate maps, create new features and levels.
Dynamic bots will learn the world together with the player and each player will have different experience. Such approach allows to create more challenging and involving games with many gamers.