Users prefer mobile apps while purchasing, life managing, learning or entertaining. It’s considered to be convenient, fast and safe as users can do many useful and essential things on the go.

3 reasons to hire android app developer in KVADRON

Open-minded team

We are proud of our team members. KVADRON is a family of developers and marketing experts. Each member is absolutely open-minded and ready to research for the most fitting solutions for any crazy idea.


We believe that ideas can change the world. We are brave enough to think of ideas no one ever thought before.

Global experience

Solution of the problems of humanity – that is our goal. Mars is waiting and we are coming.

Why do you need to create an app for Android?

increase brand awareness

gain clients’ loyalty

work on company’s reputation

constant feedback from users

sales upturn

Android App Development price in KVADRON

If you are looking for android developers for hire, the price will depend on the type of application and its size, need of further technical support.

Get the cost of android app development

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mCommerce: make an app for Android online shop

Over 64% of users make in-app purchases (while from web – only 52%). This is promoted by such reasons:

  • faster and more convenient payment method comparing to the credit card or cash;
  • no need to get the wallet or share any financial info with shop assistant;
  • instantly get notifications about payment;
  • allows to keep the digital versions of cheque.

In KVADRON you will have full cycle of professional android application development services for your business. We explore the tendencies in smartphone users’ behavior as it allows us to guarantee the highest level of app conversion.

Ideas to make an app for Android for restaurant business

Over 81% of mobile apps’ users look for the cafes near them. 51% of users prefer to interact with favorite restaurant through the official app as it allows them to pay cheque, gain bonuses, reserve the table, look through the menu and get instant notifications about special offers.

  • 9 of 10 mobile requests lead to the person visiting the restaurant;
  • 75% smartphone users look for the data about the cafe on the go;
  • 1 of 2 users search for the contact info to get in touch with the restaurant.

Got an idea for usefull Androin app? Looking for Android developers for hire to implement your idea? KVADRON can do that! We will turn simple idea into dream-app.

Let the dream come true

All team members you need to create an app for Android

The following specialists will work on your app in KVADRON:

  • manager: to track the project deadlines;
  • marketer: to get the essential info about mobile app market;
  • UX designer: to make it convenient for users to interact with the app;
  • UI designer: to create attractive interface;
  • artist: to make it beautiful;
  • programmer: someone that will bring that icons to life.

KVADRON is a mobile app developer for Android. We are here to help you to convert a search request into a happy customer.

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