Icon is a pictogram used in a graphical user interface. Any object in operating system represented by an icon. Icons app development is useful for quick search in mobile interface. While text can merge into the single canvas, mobile app icons help users to find the right app easily. If app`s icon is of high quality, the users will guess the app functionary without reading the description.

Icon should be different from thousands of the same app icons, so designers must try to create unique icon, which could interested by users.


The cost of app icons design depends on

timeline of project

number of additory concepts

type of operating system

The price for the icons design in the KVADRON company

From 200 $

4 reasons to order the apps’ icons design

personal project head manager for your project;

designer creates 7 different icons` concepts, so you can choose the best for the development;

marketing research for icons app development;

icons` app design in accordance with iOS Human Interface Guidelines and Android Design Guidelines;

Android icons’ development

The main menu interface`s icon should be presented as laconic graphical elements. The icon palette should be maintained in a single stylistic direction. The icon is standardized according to the Android Design Guidelines. Last trend in the icon design allows users to choose from several color themes, as it is done in the Moonrise pack. TalkAndroid noted that this icon pack is one of the best.  Moonrise has 580 icons with deep dark colors and original graphics.


In contrast to menu interface icons, game icons` design should impress with brightness and originality.  Because users want to see pleasure and joy that awaits them.


iOS icons app development

Icons for the menu interface have a few unifying factors: color scheme, size, style and perspective. One of the most popular themes for iOS is 0bscure7. Laconic design of black and white blocks with text description has allured a lot of fans among users. The 670 icons look stylish on geometric backgrounds, but this theme does not fit well with photos. This feature is well seen in the illustration.


Make 3D-icon for the application is becoming more profitable. Solid elements are perceived by the users better. Bright colors, naturalistic texture, watercolor stains admire and look pleasantly for the eyes.


How Kvadron`s designers create icons for application?

Color value in icons app design

Influence of colors and their combinations on human mind is indisputable. Historians and art critics such as Michel Pasturo regularly create huge monographs, which are devoted to the history of color and their interpretation in the human being.

Comparison of red and green is the best example of the color indication. Red is bright, challenging and attractive to users. It is suitable for the development icons for game or sports app.

Green is more calm and peaceful, it is ideally used to develop for banking and office app.

It is a misconception that red color has negative effect on conversion and user`s perceptions. This opinion can be true only in the case of comparison with green color.


Perception of colors has changed over time. In medieval times the yellow was the color of betrayal and dementia. Judas clothes were often painted in a shade of light yellow. Today yellow practically has lost that negative properties. It is the color of happiness and sun. Yellow is used by Sprint, DHL, Velloe and Nikon for their app.

Blue is one of the most popular colors for the development of apps icons. Icons of Vkontakte, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are created with blue color. It is considered as ideal for communication: calm, balanced and well-concentrated.

But in the Rome Empire, it was the most unpopular color. It was avoided so much that in science was born the theory, that the antiquity people did not perceive this color. The blue color was considered as intimidating and unpleasant. Faces with blue eyes were practically handicapped. However, after several centuries it has become one of the most common and popular colors. That`s why Kvadron`s designers are always open to experiments. We use an unusual decision, which become a style icon over the years.

Designers fall in love with orange, purple and magenta colors. These colors use by Viber, YAHOO!, Hallmark, Amazon, Kodak, and Instagram.


Kvadron`s designers are excellent specialists in the coloristics.

We know and understand the history of each color. We use our knowledge with pleasure for icons app development, which brings success and prosperity to your business.

Photo is a taboo for icons app design

Everyone loves realistic and colorful icons. Designers from around the world are working on the creation of 3D-models. A well-designed icon attracts attention and provokes a user to download the app. Some developers use a photo for icons. It looks cheap and unconvincing.


Minimalism in icons design

Icons for app with huge target audience should be concise. A simple icon is easier to remember and find. Eventually it will become a unique symbol. The app`s target audience has a great differences in age, gender and religion. And each of these users has own idea about the color, symbol, and gesture. Simple icon will please everyone. App icon designers need to consider the size of devices. Simple geometric shapes appear advantageous in any display. Glut icon provokes a jumble of elements, when it zooms out to 120х120.


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