Any application has to be intuitively clear to have a success. Usability testing for mobile apps provides an independent view on the application and allows to fix major usability problems that users face with. The main aim of mobile app usability testing agency is to find users’ difficulties, get feedback and increase satisfaction level.

Reasons to conduct usability audit of mobile applications

estimate friendliness dispassionately

find potential problems before launch

check whether app meets users’ expectations

create user satisfaction rates

receive comments and feedbacks

explore users’ journey

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Look at the app from a broader perspective

When you have ready application, it will be tough for you to look at it from another corner as you become too familiar with it. Mobile app testing company can take step back and solve this issue from a fresh perspective.

Express numbers in report + expert opinion

We provide detailed report and concentrate on both emotional response to the app usage and degree of app’s usability. This allows to compare apps and shows the most weak points.

Proficient usability experts

Our experts are ready to consult you on any issue during any stage of project due to our proficient background in development and testing.

Usability testing approach of mobile applications in KVADRON

We personalize each request and create the most relevant test plan due to your needs. These allow us to combine testers and concentrate their reviews on some specific aspect. They will deliver their opinions in easy and clear manner as it’s possible.
We consider that different users have absolutely different needs and experienced users might wait for certain expectations. At the same time others can be not familiar with the app environment and it might be tough to get used to the navigation. While testing we keep in mind following approach:

consider demographics, geographies, hobbies and more profiles

recruit needed participants for the specific app

audio & visual records of their behaviour and process during testing

gather diverse focus groups to cover all features

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Which stage of development is suitable for mobile usability & UX testing?

development stage

change obviously inconvenient things


the most proper time to do that


in few days you get tons of feedbacks


minor improvements & bugs fixed