Sketch for mobile app helps us to consolidate even a complex idea to the customer. Thus, our UX designer will make sure that we see the project in the same destination. This prevents us from spending more hours on polishing and you do not start to hesitate about the app-related decisions.

How can you know whether you need a wireframe?

It’s great when you can describe your idea and even illustrate it with the references. But if you can visualize idea by sketching a wireframe for mobile, it is just a brilliant option for you to get more investors for the app and find huge feedback on the development stage.
Wireframe is a simple skeleton of the mobile application and show the hierarchy in details. Besides, we show the relations between screens so our designers can clearly value the UX. You should understand the importance of this step and don’t underestimate it. Wireframing will make sure that we meet all of your desires and needs during development.

Building mobile app wireframe helps you to:

build a structure of the app and see its skeleton

understand the foundations of the app and value the further steps

test the app before making major edits and spending money on design

show usability and navigation inside the app which will help to build well-rounded app

establish stronger collaboration between UX designer and developers’ team

Why order wireframe app development in KVADRON studio

Obsessed with details

Our developers take into account each feature we have to implement. We pay attention to the details with eager to produce the most fitting solution for your business.

Turnkey application development

KVADRON offers turnkey app dev and we will engineer and design application in accordance with modern trends in UX design.

Analytics to the fingertips

UX designers of KVADRON studio are highly motivated smart kids with eager to analyse everything around and choose the best solutions.

Order wireframe for your app and get option to make more mindful decisions before launching the project


UX wireframe app: focus on the interaction

Wireframing begins at the very start of the project. It allows to make strategic decisions about meaningful elements of the app. As the main aim of wireframe is to show what the app will do, sketches are colorless and do not look attractive. Howsoever, they do not have to. Wireframe is a step of development process and should not be considered a final design.

Android app wireframe features

wireframe design is guided by material design

drawer menu as primary navigation pattern

welcome to use cards

drop down buttons

much free space in layout

Distinctions of wireframe of the app for iphone

using special HIG for iOS with following differentials: clarity, deference & depth

tap bar at the bottom of the screen

consider using cards mindfully

use a wheel for specific data input

events are more separated by dividers

5-step approach to create wireframes for mobile apps in KVADRON

organizing and gathering content
hierarch in the content
wireframing separate blocks
getting blocks together in a structure
lo-fi prototype + create interactive wireframes