A character creates a powerful connection between the player and the virtual reality. The quality of the game character`s development is responsible for the game users` empathy and emotional attachment. Dull, uninteresting, poorly researched hero will bring to naught all the developers` efforts. The game character should have distinctive characteristics: temperament, storyline role and motivation. These indicators to affect  on his appearance and emotions in the future.

Character creation is necessary to support the interest to the game before release. Advertising posters, merchandise, costumes and accessories are enthusiastically perceived by the public.


Vibrant, exciting characters can go beyond the virtual world and become a part of pop culture, and even the symbol of the state.This allows to make a profit for years.


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Mario`s suit. The Olympics Game 2016 in Rio.

The cost of the game character creation depends on

time frame for project;

number of concepts;

level of detail;

type of the character drawing.

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4 reasons to order the development of the game character at  Kvadron company

Texture Library. Designers create and systematize the texture cards materials for more accurate character’s portrayal.

Emotion`s Map Collection. There is a constant cataloging of images that will accurately help to recreate the character`s sensations and feelings in Kvadron. Motion`s card allows to show naturally different gestures. So game character can be more active and interesting.

The best designers, modelers and animators work at Kvadron studio. All employees have a rigorous selection in several stages. They have 7 years of experience in the industry background and an impressive portfolio.

Personal project manager is responsible for each stage of the game character development. The data is processed and documented by manager. As a result, the customer knows where every penny is spent.

The type of game character development

Creating a 2D-character

Two-dimensional space allows to draw the characters of different difficulty levels. Creating a 2D-characters is perfect for low-budget projects.This can be terrific worms warriors from the cult game Worms or arcade games` cute characters who keeps the users` attention. The American company Stoic has allocated their characters in illustrative purpose. Any player can recognize these heroes. The manner of execution is perfect for the Medieval Norse saga.
Serbian company Eipix tries to maximize the realism of his characters. Eipix`s characters have a bright appearance and a high level of detail. Creating of such characters requires a mindful study of textures and materials.This is not surprising, because character`s appearance is an additional component to the disclosure of the story. Each level of character`s development requires more time and more established concept, which means that the price of the execution is different.


Make a 3D-game character

The level of game character`s development depends on the objectives and goals of the game.
The character can be expressed as geometric as in Minecraft and find amazing popularity. But It’s better to find a balance between the graphics and game features. Supercell is the developer of Clash of Clans. It creates attractive characters who lure users into an interactive game world. This balance had become quite attractive and brings Supercell the daily income of $ 500 000.
Development of high-budget game 3D-characters impresses with its large-scale detail. Even pattern buttons on the uniform of the hero have matters for designers. Such games are created in various genres, the best of them are Assassin’s Creed, Anno, Crysis 3, Tekken 7.


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Stages of games’ characters development

Technical Design Assignment

The documentation includes the main features of the game and characters development. Due to the approved plan designers can easier proceed with the first sketches.

Creating a character’s concept

Game characters sketches are development according to the assignment. Designers choose colors and textures for each concept from the Kvadron`s library.

Modelition of the game character

The most fitting concept should be approved by the customer. After approval characters anatomy, hairstyle, clothing, accessories are detailed. Painter adds poses and emotion card.

Visualization and additional effects

Painters superimpose selected texture maps at 3D-model of the game character, complement the scope and shadow, checking the quality of colors and material`s textures.


It is important to maintain the character`s semblance through breathing or slight move. Kvadron`s experts do character`s kinetics enjoyable and realistic with motion cards.

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