Consider a cross platform development for iOS and Android in case you cannot opt just one platform and still not sure is it preferable to develop native apps for both platforms. Besides, you will find it interesting to target Windows later and it won’t take much time and cost to do that. Create cross platform mobile apps and you’ll have a middle ground to achieve success with your marketing strategy which is so essential in current dynamic marketplace. Choosing cross-platform dev your app will be able to achieve better market penetration.

Make cross platform mobile app and be present everywhere simultaneously

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You should hire cross platform mobile app developer if you:

want to reduce dev costs for native apps for each platform separately

do not want to control few groups of developers and invest in them

unify business logic in the code

want to launch apps exactly at the same time

expect for the great reach of audience

desire absolutely uniform look on any platform

have simple enough interface and there is no need to follow each guideline

are developing an app that does not interact with camera, geolocation, microphone etc.

Build a cross platform mobile app with KVADRON

Skill in required technologies

We craft our experience and create brilliant cross-platforms apps using HTML5, CSS3 and JS technologies.

Turnkey project development

KVADRON will create cross platform mobile apps and promote it in markets.
engineer and design in accordance with modern trends in UX design.


We offer you varied approaches to the work and development process so you can keep an eye on each stage.

Advantages of cross platform mobile app development

⋆ Reusable code ⋆

Reuse of 50-80% of code across-platforms will reduce development time. Indeed, once created program is easily customized for all platforms. Such approach allows to decrease money expenditure.

⋆ High speed of launch ⋆

It takes less time to develop cross-platform mobile application rather than make native apps. Thus, you will launch your project in short terms. This is important to push your product to the market before someone else will do that.

⋆ Simple flow ⋆

One bug – one shot. Discovered bugs are easily fixed only once for all platforms. Besides, any updates and changes are synced automatically allowing you to keep the app stable all the time.

⋆ No locked hands ⋆

There is no need to learn specific dev language for each platform for developers. Thus, perfect for B2B apps when the main aim is to achieve an efficient utilization

Cross-platform app developments fits for most of B2B solutions and automation projects. Consider developing such app to achieve 100% compatibility with all platforms and ensure smooth performance.