iOS – is a mobile operating system created by Apple Inc. for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The iOS user interface is based on multi-touch gestures.

Development of iOS applications influenced on design of other operating systems.  Soon they switched multi-touch system into their applications.

The iOS platform has a number of advantages:

  • Ergonomic interface
  • Convenient file system
  • Enhanced security
  • Functional for people with disabilities
  • User support optimization

Why do you need to develop iOS Apps?

iOS is one of the most popular platform in the world. Apple Inc. sold 40. 4 million devices in third fiscal quarter 2016. Revenues amounted to 42. 4 billion dollars. Financial Times reports that Apple iPhone sales set to pass 1bn milestone. This is a huge target audience who may be interested by your application.

According to statistics:

53 % of people use app, which they has downloaded;

52 % of users visit sites via mobile phones;

38 % of smartphone owners use it to communicate in social networks.


The price of iOS app development depends on

the type and functions of the application

urgency of order

term of technical support after the  app release

Starting price on app development for iOS

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4 reasons to order the application for iOS in Kvadron

team from 6 people, who work only on your project.

personal manager.

technical support and promotion of  iOS app over 3 months.

In which areas you can use the iOS app







What you must know about developing apps for iOS?

Fast navigation is an important factor in building app for search. House, street or a restaurant a user will search in hurry. If you make an application, take into account that the address is typed with one hand. The input line and text buttons should be large enough. The application should be maximally optimized for fast loading. The scheme of routes and information blocks should be simple.

Business applications to better focus on the aesthetics perception. High-quality picture is more visually pleasing to people.


Coffee shops app for iOS use quick service order. Easy menu navigation, cooking timer, online payment allow to calculate the time on the way to work.

Financial applications are especially popular. It is easy to pay bills, buy goods and to order tickets. This ensures the safety of money and time.

Kvadron`s experts investigate, analyze and test app market every day. We are learning through experience and creating most popular iOS app.

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