Smartphone is an important part of human daily life. Releases of iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 operating systems have stimulated interest in Mobile app design. Today it should be functional, productive, friendly and good-looking.

The cost of mobile app design depends on

order deadlines

number of concepts

type and functions of the application

scale of market research

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3 reasons to order the mobile apps design in Kvadron

6 professionals, working only on your project

technical support of mobile app over 3 months

personal case manager

Steps of mobile app design development

Create a product requirements document

It identifies key issues of collaboration between the customer and Kvadron, such as price, deadlines and functions of the mobile app.

Research for the app design development

Kvadron`s designers are users. They understand problems in develop the mobile app design. Analysis of innovations in app design makes possible to create a new and unique product. Also our marketing expert researches the core audience. Their habits, ways of thinking and lifestyle can help to create the best design concept.

Make concept for app design

It is created for the best visualization of the interface panel. Such method allows us to choose colors, font and bottoms position. Designer can redraw concept immediately after customer` remarks.


Finishing touch

When the client determines the best concept, we model and test it for the presence of bugs. The new app is tested on the required platforms and devices with different display resolutions.


Kvadron`s rules for mobile app design creation

Color score

Kvadron`s designers don`t discount the color factor. For 85% of the buyers the color is in priority, when they choose a product. The color enhances brand recognition. For example, red stands for Youtube, blue for Facebook or Twitter, green for Evernote, orange for Avast.

Color can make the application work more cost-effective. Greenbot reports that the use of black color in the app design interface saves battery on AMOLED displays. These displays are often used by Samsung, Nokia and HTC.


Mobile app icon size

The gadgets have quite big screens now. For a comfortable usage designers think over about interface`s ergonomics.  Buttons and icons should be large for easy selecting and typing.


Network bottoms

Nobody likes a long registration. To simplify the procedure, use authentication with social networks. Thus, the business gets information about the user: age, location and interests.


The design of mobile app use gestures to simplify interaction with the screen. There are training tables for their study (from a simple finger movement to the deployed combinations). Kvadron`s experts recommend to reduce the use of gestures, if the app is focused on a broad target audience. Better to do a push-button navigation with the ability to use gestures, because the consumer should be able to choose more convenient type of use.


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