Nowadays the half of the world uses apps in daily activities and mainly we are dependent from few to dozen of devices. Barely no business can run without an app or even few. Factually it doesn’t matter what kind of brand you run, you have to know your top customers.

Reasons to get a market audit and competitive market analysis

When you have a new application with a terrific idea you must be sure that the idea will be feasible and scalable. Besides you need to know how long will it take to promote it and which resources do you need to bring it to the market? If you are wondering about all these things , we offer the research of mobile app market.
We will scrutinize your idea and business plan and make conclusions whether the idea is in the right place. Indeed we will make a forecast about the future of the idea and prospects to evolve into world-wide app. Competitive analysis will help to reveal the gaps in the app and perform required actions.

KVADRON does the app store audit for android and ios platforms and tracks current mobile app industry trends. Thus we can ensure you with the most up-to-date info. It will help you to launch the app with the right marketing strategy.

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Why get market research for app in KVADRON

Unique info that will help you promote

We provide you with absolutely unique data based on the cross platform market research which touches varied groups of audiences.

Responsible planning and implementation

We carefully design and implement research strategy and utilize varied approaches to data analysis.

Full stack of recommendations

We aim to meet your business plan and current market situation so we provide you with recommendations about improvements in plan and app itself.

Which mobile app market research can we provide?

KVADRON does quantitative, qualitative and competitive studies to meet your business plan with current market situation. The primary one is based on the quality assurance while we carefully design our surveys. Our report will provide details for each audience segment. Qualitative research survey includes advertising and product concept testing, process mapping etc. In competitive studies we include product dev, management, marketing strategies, pricing and sales strategy.

You’ll get totally unique data which will help you to stay ahead of your app’s competitors and move faster in business environment.

The price for the mobile application consulting and market research service

Mobile market research company KVADRON can offer you affordable price for the survey. Just write us a brief info with your requirements and we’ll get in touch with you.

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Our approach to the mobile app consulting service

We conduct mobile application market audit and form conclusions referring to your business plan. It is needed to keep an eye on the current marketing plans and perform brilliant recommendations for you. These can be transformed into full marketing campaign for the app. KVADRON doesn’t offer ready solutions for the generic industry. We develop suggestions for the specific organizations. To ensure you with the best results we get touched with your company to understand it better and wider than only in terms of industry.
We provide a turnkey research from survey design, info collection and analysis to the reporting. Our marketing researchers are skilled both for analysing our own collected data or yours.
We focus our research approach around the Internet of Things, cognitive sciences and Virtual Reality. We’ve been evolving through varied approaches and now can provide excellent expertise.

The role of the audience in the mobile app industry analysis

Exploring the audience of your app we will define the major touch points between the product and users. Thus together we will build the most profitable business model for the app. It will guarantee the greater number of downloads and increased revenue.