Mobile app testing is a process of checking app’s usability, productivity and functionality. It can be auto or manual type of testing. Mobile apps testing helps to identify situations when apps` program is failing or does not meet requirements of iOS and Android Guidelines.

Users want to receive high-quality services. Apps should work consistently, quickly respond to the problem and have an interactive user interface. Mobile apps testing provides the highest quality of customer service, because all errors and design`s mistakes have been corrected.

The cost of the mobile app testing depends on

turnaround time

choice of the type of testing: automatic or manual

the amount of information that has to be verified

the mobile app`s type

Kvadron provides service of the mobile app`s testing

Starting price from $100

Reasons to order mobile app’s testing at the Kvadron studio

detailed statistics of the app’s analysis;

compulsive mobile app’s testing  for compliance with license of the Android, iOS and Windows platforms;

testers check the app at smartphone models from different companies, such as Samsung, Lenovo, Apple, Microsoft, Huawei, Xiaomi, Gigabyte;

users with different skill levels in the technology test the application.

8 criteria of quality control of the mobile apps at KVADRON







The type of mobile apps` testing

Auto mobile app testing

Kvadron`s specialists use different programs for different subjects. For example, JamoSolution allows to test the apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone. iOS UI automation and UI Automator allow to test specific operating systems. HP Virtual User Generator helps to determine the app’s maximum load by simulating requests of several thousand users. App’s usability usually is tested by real people. But KeepItFunctional helps to determine app`s suitability for people with poor eyesight.

Manual mobile apps` testing

Such type of the app’s testing takes more time, requires a significant amount of resources, and does not give a clear information. But it gives the realistics assessment of the app’s usability.

Kvadron’s testers can boast of


They know how important deadlines are . They are ready to work hard to do the job perfectly.

Understanding the task

Testers delve into the project`s objectives. They are not afraid of asking questions and learn constantly to ensure the best results.


The systematic approach to carrying out the tests helps streamline the statistics and makes it available to the customer.


It is important to understand app’s weak spots when test is forming.


When problem is identified, it is important to explain the problems to the programmer and project manager.

How to check mobile app’s usability at Kvadron studio


We think like a user, when testing the mobile app. User is in a constant motion, he types with one hand, he presses several times on the display, can open a few programs at the same time. The tester creates a real-life conditions for the mobile app’s testing.

Wi-Fi compatibility

Many applications use the network connection. Our testers check the mobile apps in 3 stages. We analyze app`s work under the conditions of a constant high-speed connection, low-speed connection and loss of the connection.

Interrupt response

The most common actions for a user can be a disaster of the application. Call notification, falling asleep or opening another application can trigger the system failures or data loss.

Licensing Requirements

iOS, Android and Windows have a stringent requirements for an app. We follow the guidelines` instructions to create a unique name and to match the existing categories in the app development.
Unforeseen delays in the work or the repetition of existing functions can be reasons to deny in the app`s certification.

Human factor

Not everyone uses the app as it was intended by developers. Users are looking for the easiest ways of work process. Ergonomics helps to guess a person’s actions, but it is necessary to secure the application. Therefore, testers poke across the surface of the display, do not wait for loading data, dump all settings. If the application does not work correctly after such torture, it will be sent back for revision to ensure proper operation in extreme conditions.

Kvadron studio tests the mobile application.

We guarantee accurate accounts and statistics.

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