Daily people use dozens of apps. Mainly applications transfer confidential data, which might be interesting for hackers. That’s why users want to be completely sure in the app’s security. Secure mobile app development is an obligatory condition of launching the application. In KVADRON while we develop customers’ apps, we keep application security monitoring in mind too. It allows us to design apps considering possible attacks and weaknesses in architecture. Thereby we implement the most fitting application security solutions and produce apps with high level of safety.

Security service for application development and users' confidence

The usage of any kind of apps is frequently seems adventurous and not safe for users as they think of theft of their personal information, especially finance-related. The more popular app is, the more specific threats are related with its usage. The mobile application security risk assessment is the most significant for:


social apps


mail clients

management systems

In KVADRON we are engaged into the security testing of mobile apps connected with typical and custom threats. Contact us to get the mobile app security risk assessment.


Price for the application security testing depends on:

  • type of the application and the volume of data;
  • required methods of testing;
  • whether you need us to fix vulnerabilities after assessment.

Common iOS application security threats:

  • insecure data transmission channels;
  • lack of verification of input data;
  • weak data encryption methods;
  • sensitive data being unencrypted;
  • no protection against malicious code input and so on.

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In mobile application security company KVADRON you’ll have:

team of perfectionist-developers who won’t send raw app into the production;

personal manager that will prepare a detailed report based on the results of the analytics;

security testing of mobile app on the following platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

Security service for applications includes:

  • Android and iOS security apps testing using dynamic, static and hybrid methods;
  • fitting application security solutions at the development stage;
  • implementation of varied test models;
  • network, system, and software tests.

An application security monitoring: milestones

app architecture investigation

threat model

code security checking

manual, semi-automated & automated testing

Fuzz Testing

load testing

analytics and reporting

Ordinary mobile application security risk assessment is the essential milestone of high-quality product development. KVADRON holds secure mobile app development during whole lifecycle.

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Security Testing Services for Mobile Devices: action points

  1. User data protection checking from the attacks of automated systems and prevention of matching a login/password/card number.
  2. SQL- and DoS-attacks protection.
  3. Analysis of the “adequacy” of the system: whether it can give the access to the encrypted data without proper authentication; validation of session timeout.
  4. Application cryptography checking, error correction.
  5. Prevention of harmful implementations at runtime, during file caching, work with cookie or actions when downloading files etc.

According to the results of the test, we provide a detailed report, which contains a list of identified weaknesses, tips for their elimination and recommendations for improving protection.

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