Pros of native mobile app development

seamless user experience as apps follow native UI guidelines

direct access to the capabilities (GPS, USB or camera)

higher runtime performance comparing to other types of apps

faster code performance and fixing time

simple integration with new features of the operating system

higher popularity and rate

Choosing native mobile application architecture

Native app can have all pros of the specific operating system. It has a full access to all features of the native hardware platform which will come automatically as the app is written to iOS or Android directly. Native app development for varied platforms is based on different UI guidelines which requires some changes in the interface.
If you plan to take your app worldwide, consider building native apps for the particular operating systems by different developers. Bringing native app will ensure users with the parallel experience on each platform. In fact, right decision about mobile architecture for app will result in millions dollar decision.

Do not have an experience in choosing the most fitting mobile architecture? Contact KVADRON to get a piece of advice and do not waste money on non-working solutions.

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Why order native mobile app development services in KVADRON

Obsessed with details

Our developers take into account each feature we have to implement. We pay attention to the details with eager to produce the most fitting solution for your business.

Detailed market research

Before starting to design any new app, we conduct the research about the market and competitive analysis.

Security testing

We have to be absolutely sure about the safety of users’ data. Native environment allows to reveal more bugs and holes in the defence.

Native app development for iOS platform

Programmers use Objective-C or/and Swift languages to develop a native app for iOS. We develop apps in the environment Xcode which also includes wide testing feature. While designing apps for iOS we consider three primary guidelines: clarity, deference and depth. This allows to get an app that appears as a natural extension of the platform. Due to this users experience that gestures work as they expect, manipulation is easy and smooth and interaction becomes a pleasure.

We implement major iOS platform features and let customers’ apps to stand out.

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Create native mobile app for Android

The main problem for the native app development is about tons of faceless apps in G.Play. Let’s help you conquer all of them and shine bright with correctly designed app.

Major features of native application development in Android

Android native apps are mainly developed on Java which is one of the most popular programming languages in the world.
The environment for developing native app for Android we use is Google’s Android Studio. This tool allows to code and render at real-time. Besides it can detect defections faster than Xcode.

Consider option to create native android app from website?

If you only have a website you might have noticed that more visitors gone mobile. Without an app you are missing a part of potential customers. Do not let that happen. You are not obliged to spend money on the native app development so you can turn your website into the app. We handle modern tools to make this magic.