UX design for mobile apps determines how users will feel about the app while interacting with it. Whether they will find it ergonomic, intuitive, accessible, useful or attractive, it depends on the quality of mobile app UX design. UX is about feeling but it is based on the strict rules which are set to make the experience the most delightful.

Why to consider user experience design for mobile apps

Indeed, work with the professional mobile app UX design company KVADRON will ensure you with the following benefits:

engage people in your brand

ensure intuitiveness and accessibility

keep users happy and friendly

make first impression unforgettable

be well-organized with easy navigation

stay simple and error-free

Price for the mobile UX design services

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Reasons to order UX design and app development in KVADRON

Turnkey application development

KVADRON offers turnkey app dev and we will engineer and design application in accordance with modern trends in UX design.


KVADRON offers few samples of the mockups with varied approaches to the UX design for mobile apps.


We believe that ideas can change the world. We are brave enough to think of ideas no one ever thought before.

Our principles in the UX design for mobile apps

  1. KISS
    Knowledge of the UX design for mobile developers helps them to follow the KISS rule: keep it short and simple. Reduction of extra elements makes interface clear and simple. It helps to focus user’s attention on really significant things while dealing with a min number of actions.
  2. Content-centered
    User experience for mobile apps have to present content in the most fitting way. The most considerable data has to be clear and recognizable and accessible. All the data has to be easily findable.
  3. Familiar navigation
    The navigation in the app has to be highly intuitive and familiar. We have to lead the user through the app using as few interface elements as it is possible.
  4. Visual identity
    All interface elements should be unified by color, style and usage. From the first screen user experience has to be the same on each other screen without any unexpected buttons he has no idea what to do with.
  5. Considering business and marketing goals
    Proper mobile UX design company always keeps in mind customer’s goals. So do developers in KVADRON. Each element’s position is based on the heavy background of researches and works on your KPI.


Research stage helps to design the app that will be awesome not just for our team of developers, but for your customers. We consider both your business goals and users’ expectations while we conduct the analysis. We clearly define what we have to design, why and for whom? Thanks to the research-oriented approach we can define the user’s reaction and satisfy their expectations. Besides, we make competitive analysis for better understanding of the market.


In the UX design agency KVADRON developers always design user-oriented apps. Due to this our main aim is to investigate user’s behaviour and the major pain-points he can face with while using your app. Analytical approach allows to define the most fitting digital solutions and make tough design decisions.


Building wireframes is the most suitable way to visualize the structure of the app. It shows the product concept and we can check whether users will find the app intuitive. Wireframes have to correlate with the mental models users already have as the expectations mean really much. Brief mockups show us whether all the essential data is presented in the right way and in the proper place.


User testing helps us to have a detailed research report and implement design improvements. Due to this we are able to set the proper KPI and choose ones that will work the best for you. Usability audit aims to collect more info about effectiveness of the interface. It allows us to measure the success of design solutions and improve them.

Approaches we implement to create an incredible UX design for mobile apps

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Wireframing and prototyping
mainly done with paper and pen to discuss more possible variants

A/B testing of the app
is used to value the conversion rate and helps to choose the best option

Content inventory software
to keep everything clear and accessible

Remote user testing
allows to get as much feedbacks as possible

Analytics software
helps to define which types of experiences would be most effective