Mockup web page design is based on the target audience research, engineering and prototyping. Thus the mock-up will be both attractive for users and really convenient for the interaction. The mock-up is ordinary relies on the recommendations of the wireframe designer.

Time required for web app mockup

General Terms and Conditions for execution can vary from 1 week (if you need template app) to few months. More info you’ll get after brief description of the project to manager. Share you idea and get instant feedback.

Сreate website mockups design in KVADRON with following benefits


KVADRON offers few samples of the mockup web design with varied color choices, fonts and navigation so you can choose the most attractive.

Sense of beauty

UI designers with a good sense of taste work on the mockup app design. They consider the latest trends in webdesign and transform a simple design into perfect lines and pixels.

User behavior analysis

You’ll get the site that considers the behaving factors of the users.

The price of the web UI mockup in KVADRON

In our studio you can order the turnkey web development. However we also offer a mockup of a website separately. The price for the development depends on the urgency of the order and the number of pages with a unique structure.

Contact manager to get the price for mockup development and remember. There is no boundaries on the way to your dream with KVADRON.

Write manager

Web interface mock-up: stages of development

  1. We choose a type of web app mock-up

    We make mockups for different settings due to your expectations.

  2. Creating a wireframe for a website

    We design a wireframe for the future mock-up and try to place all of the elements so they will be convenient for users.

  3. Primary webdesign mockup concept

    We pick the most fitting style and color scheme for your website. During developing the concept we follow a certain atmosphere and find tools that can bring it across.

  4. Work on the separate structure elements of the mock-up

    The big responsibility lies on the creation of header. Besides we mark and draw the navigation, the body and footer.

  5. Finishing the web interface mockup and editing

    It is possible to edit the project at any stage of the project development, even after finishing the project. However thinking in advance saves time.

  6. The final step: layout setting

    After finishing the design, we shift to layout setting and work on the final product.

Creating an interactive mockup of a website

Due to your requirements we can design a partially interactive mockup and you’ll see the design in action.

The option to make a mockup using a template

We offer an option to order mockup which will be based on a template. Usually we do unique webdesign, but if you found smth. awesome, we can adapt it to you need. In such case the terms of development can shorten to one week.

Requirements to the mockup of a website

During designing we follow the next rules:

  • separate design elements are on the separate layers;
  • the grid is clearly observed and we take the future framework into account;
  • purity and simplicity (no ugly semi-transparent gradients);
  • modern design;
  • web-fonts;
  • adequacy (no misunderstanding between the designer and coder) = saves development time.