Web Engineering is a process of mindful planning of effective online tool involving marketing analysis, creation of product requirements document and interface design.

Web engineering services: the primary stage of web development

This stage is responsible for further adequate web development. During engineering web applications we create the idea of site, set the main goals and discuss upcoming tasks and the ways of achieving them. By the end of the engineering stage developers have a clear understanding of project that will be launched.

Custom price for the engineering services

Engineering website design: beneficial reasons

App engineering is widely ignored by developers and they start to program the site. Is it okay to do so? Yeah. Do we do so? No, we are not that kind of guys. Website engineer helps to optimize the development project and spread the tasks effectively. As design, client-side development and programming are implemented on the basis of approved prototype, it is better to make changes in the preliminary model. It will allow to save time and money for further development. Web engineering will ensure you with:

  • option to estimate the matching of the future site with your expectations
  • at the engineering stage you’ll see the structure of sections and basic user interaction elements
  • make changes until it’s too late
  • not all functional elements can remade afterwards especially when the site is almost ready
  • will save your money and our time for the development
  • designers and programmers will have clear image of the project and it will allow to decrease the number of edits
  • guarantee of achieving the expected results
  • we can do that as we already know how to achieve the goals we set on the engineering stage

Benefits of design and site engineering services in KVADRON

Turnkey project development

KVADRON offers turnkey project and we will engineer and design website in accordance with modern trends in UX design.

Marketing analysis

Before designing the user interface, we will religiously examine the target audience of the future site.

Open-minded team

We are proud of our team members. KVADRON is a family of developers and marketing experts. Each member is absolutely open-minded and ready to research for the most fitting solutions for any crazy idea.

Professionals in the IT engineering services

UX designer is responsible for interface engineering as he knows how to achieve the most effective interaction between the user and the system.


4 stages of engineering web applications

  1. Creating a site concept

    We craft the ideological base for the project and align the development destination with the client. A site concept gives a feedback whether we have a common vision of the project. The resulting concept should be accurately the best solution of the set goals. We also take into account the emotional response of target users.

  2. Site Structure Design

    User’s favor depends on how GUI design of the new web app meets user’s mental models and expectations. The structure has to be clear for the users and highly intuitive. Any web app structure design includes two levels: internal and external. Internal structure determines the logical connection between pages and depends on the UX design. Besides it is strongly connected with the external structure (UI).

  3. UI design: engineering website design services

    Creative design of web apps ensures pleasant and simple experience of the human-computer interaction. The UI website engineer relies on the recommendations of the UX designer, trying to maximize easy communication with the site. The emotional feedback plays a major role in adopting a decision in favor of a particular design. To do that we don’t rely on our own subjective feelings, but on the analysis of the target audience of the site.

  4. Almost ready: Product requirements document for web engineering studio

    The PRD is based on the process of engineering and designing the structure. It is followed by the major references and mock-ups. Why is this document so significant? Structure and interface engineering doesn’t mean only the mock-up of further UI. It is also responsible for the future careful planning of the system, which will operate successfully and will be convenient for users and search engines.